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How to Avoid Car Theft in Canada?

    Avoid Car Theft Canada

    Auto thefts in Canada are on the rise. The federal government says the numbers keep going up. For example, Ontario and Quebec saw huge spikes. Ontario’s auto thefts increased by 48.3% from 2021 to 2022. Quebec’s thefts also went up by 50%. Even areas like Atlantic Canada and Alberta weren’t spared. Auto thefts there increased by nearly 35% and 18.4%, respectively. In 2022, the Toronto area reported 9,606 stolen vehicles.

    This worrying trend has sparked action from the government. They’ve met with leaders in the auto industry, border agents, and police to discuss solutions. One key takeaway from these talks is that Canadians can take action now to safeguard their vehicles.

    Key Takeaways

    • Auto thefts have been steadily rising across Canada, with significant increases in Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada, and Alberta.
    • The Toronto area alone saw over 9,600 vehicles stolen in 2022, highlighting the severity of the issue.
    • The federal government is working with industry leaders and law enforcement to address the problem, but also recommends that Canadians take proactive steps to protect their vehicles.
    • Implementing a multi-layered approach to security, including basic precautions, anti-theft devices, and secure parking practices, can help deter car thieves.
    • Staying informed about the latest theft trends and techniques is crucial in the fight against auto theft in Canada.

    Alarming Rise in Auto Thefts Across Canada

    Car theft is a major issue all over Canada. The latest figures show a big increase in stolen vehicles. For example, Ontario had a 48.3-per cent rise in auto thefts from 2021 to 2022. Quebec also saw a 50 per cent increase. In Atlantic Canada, thefts went up by nearly 35 per cent. And Alberta had an 18.4 per cent increase. In 2022, 9,606 vehicles were stolen in the Toronto area alone.

    Staggering Statistics on Car Theft in Canadian Provinces

    This wave of auto thefts in Canada is a serious problem. Both organized crime and quick opportunists are after cars. This has huge effects on both what we pay for insurance and the cost of vehicles themselves.

    Impact on Insurance Rates and Vehicle Costs

    As a result of all this theft, auto theft claims reached $1.2 billion in 2022. Ontario contributed a massive $700 million to that figure. The Insurance Bureau of Canada is saying that insurance prices have to go up. This rise in theft claims will directly affect the money we pay for insurance.

    It’s important for car owners to do what they can to prevent theft. Letting your insurance company know about anti-theft measures might save you money. This action is crucial in lessening the financial impact of the auto theft crisis.

    Organized Crime Rings Fueling the Theft Crisis

    Auto thefts in Canada are rising because of organized crime rings. They steal cars and send them to the Middle East and Africa. Here, both Canadian and foreign criminal groups profit from the sales. They use this money for bad things like drug trafficking and arms dealing.

    Canadian authorities warn that the country is now a key player in organized crime. They say our ports like the Port of Montreal enable these crimes. The stolen cars are hidden in shipping containers for transport.

    Most Commonly Targeted Vehicles for Theft

    In Canada, the number of car thefts is going up. Thieves are mainly after certain models. The Honda CR-V made from 2016 to 2021 tops the list, based on a report by the Équité Association. It is closely followed by the Lexus RX series from the same years.

    SUVs and Luxury Cars a Prime Target

    Thieves focus on SUVs and luxury cars made after 2017. These cars have a higher value when resold. This makes them attractive to those dealing with most stolen vehicles in Canada and high-value vehicle theft. Thieves see a chance to make big money fast by stealing these luxury vehicle theft items.

    Regional Variations in Preferred Theft Targets

    Vehicle theft preferences vary by region. Some places like Ontario, especially Toronto, lean towards stealing Lexus cars. This is because they are more common there. In Western Canada, trucks like the Ford F-350 are a bigger target. This is because they are popular in rural areas.

    most stolen vehicles in Canada

    Multi-Layered Approach to Prevent Car Theft

    Équité Association suggests a “multi-layered approach” to fight against car thefts. This strategy uses many “common sense” steps that anyone can take. These steps help make our cars safer.

    Basic Precautions: Locking Doors and Securing Keys

    Keeping cars safe starts with simple but crucial steps. Always lock your doors and never leave keys in the car. Make sure your windows are shut tight. It’s also smart to park in well-lit areas or a secure garage. This helps avoid attracting thieves.

    Visual and Audible Anti-Theft Devices

    Adding visual or sound anti-theft tools can also help. Think about putting on a steering wheel lock. Or, install a loud car alarm. These make stealing cars much harder, and they scare thieves away too.

    Vehicle Immobilizers and Engine Disablers

    For even stronger security, you can get high-tech anti-theft gear. Immobilizers and engine disablers are great examples. They stop the car from running without the correct key. This makes it really hard for thieves to take your car.

    This all-rounded approach works. It helps Canadians protect their cars from both planned and random crimes. With steps from the basic to the cutting-edge, every car owner can fight back against car thefts. A full strategy is key in the fight against this issue. It’s a big help in the country’s drive to lower auto theft rates.

    Protect Your Key Fob from Relay Attacks

    Modern cars can be stolen using a technique called a “relay attack.” Thieves boost the signals from your key fob. This makes your car think the key is nearby. They then unlock and start the car without you knowing.

    Understanding Relay Attack Techniques

    Relay attacks use two radio transmitters. One is near your key fob, and the other is close to your car. The first picks up your fob’s signal. The second sends this signal to your car. Your car then thinks the key is close. This method is successful against keyless entry theft.

    Shielding Key Fobs from Signal Amplification

    Keeping your key fob safe from relay attacks is key. Always avoid leaving your fob near doors or windows. Thieves can easily boost the key fob signal from there. Instead, keep it in something that blocks radio signals, like a metal box or a special pouch.

    Benefits of Installing a Tracking Device

    Making sure your car is safe from theft is crucial for many in Canada. Utilizing a vehicle tracking device is a top choice for safeguarding cars. These tools not only prevent theft but also aid in recovering stolen vehicles.

    GPS Trackers for Vehicle Recovery

    A car with a GPS tracker sends a signal you can watch. If your car is stolen, this helps you find it fast. GPS tracking for car theft is instrumental. It arms police with the data to locate and return your car.

    Insurer Incentives for Installing Tracking Devices

    Many Canadian insurance companies give rewards to those with tracking devices. Aviva Canada, Intact, TD Insurance, and Desjardins are among them. They may lessen your premium or pay the full device cost, which could be up to $400. This way, besides securing your car, you might spend less on your insurance bill.

    Yet, it’s crucial to pick the right tracking device. Experts advise against using basic ones like the Apple AirTag. Experienced thieves can remove these easily. Opting for a high-quality tracking system is safer. It’s harder for thieves to notice and disable.

    Safeguarding Your Vehicle in Parking Areas

    Parking in a well-lit and secure area is key to stopping car theft. Équité Association suggests using a locked or secure garage. If you can’t, find a well-lit spot with possibly some cameras.

    Well-Lit and Secure Parking Recommendations

    Parking where it’s bright and watched can scare off car thieves. Pick a place seen by security cameras or with a lot of light. This makes your car less of a target in parking areas.

    Surveillance Cameras and Deterrent Stickers

    Put surveillance cameras near your car and use anti-theft stickers on the windows. These steps help to keep your car safer and less tempting to thieves. Cameras record any strange actions, and stickers tell thieves your car is protected.

    Avoid Car Theft Canada: Stay Vigilant and Proactive

    To fight car theft in Canada, owners should be watchful and take action. They can do this by using different safety steps, like simple precautions, anti-theft tools, and parking in safe spots. This way, they lower the risk of thieves picking their vehicles.

    It’s key to stay up-to-date on car theft prevention tips and work with the police and insurance. These actions help fight the auto theft crisis. Being proactive about car safety is crucial with the rise in thefts.

    Theft of cars in Canada is getting worse, yet active and wary owners can protect themselves. By creating a solid plan for security, Canadians help stop this negative trend and keep their cars safe.

    Steps to Take If Your Vehicle Is Stolen

    If your car is stolen, the first thing to do is call the police right away. Let them know about any personal items in the car that are important. Things like your house keys or garage opener might need replacing fast. You should also give them the car’s VIN number, its license plate, and any special features it has.

    Reporting the Theft to Law Enforcement

    Telling the police about your stolen car is critical. Make sure to include all necessary info to help them find your car. This info includes the VIN number, the license plate, and any special parts on your car. Also, tell them about any personal items inside, so they can help keep your info safe.

    Notifying Your Insurance Provider

    After you call the police, the next step is to call your insurance company. Give them the same details as you gave the police. If you have security camera footage or a device to track your car, share that with them. This info can help find or value your car.

    steps after car theft

    Collaborative Efforts to Combat Auto Theft

    Canada is seeing more auto thefts. To fight this, everyone must work together. The government will meet with auto leaders, border agents, and the police to stop the thefts. They will think of new ideas to prevent this. Also, insurance companies might make it harder for thieves to sell stolen cars by checking registrations better.

    Industry, Law Enforcement, and Government Initiatives

    The Canadian government is teaming up with different groups to stop auto theft. They aim to break the crime rings that steal cars for profit. By working together, they hope to be more successful in finding, stopping, and getting back stolen cars.

    Public Awareness and Preventive Measures

    It’s key to teach people how to keep their cars safe. Owners must know the best ways to stop theft. Talking about secure parking, anti-theft devices, and relay attacks can help people protect their cars. A united effort from industry, government, and the public can really lower auto theft rates.


    Canada is facing a serious auto theft problem. To tackle this issue, we need a plan that covers many areas. This includes using basic security steps, high-tech anti-theft tools, safe parking, and working together.

    Everyone from the industry to the police and government plays a part. By coming together, we can make it hard for thieves to act. It’s important to stay alert and do your part in keeping vehicles safe. This also helps fight against car theft nationwide.

    To overcome the rise in car thefts in Canada, we must act as one. This means using various strategies and being serious about stopping theft. A combination of good security, partnerships, and watchfulness is key. Together, we can turn the situation around.


    What are the most effective ways to prevent car theft in Canada?

    To keep your car safe in Canada, experts suggest many steps. Always lock your doors and avoid leaving keys in your car. It’s also smart to use things like car alarms, steering wheel locks, or engine disablers.

    How can I protect my key fob from relay attacks?

    To guard against relay attacks, be cautious. Keep your key fob away from your home’s front. Or, you can use a special bag to block signals and keep your keys safe inside.

    What are the benefits of installing a vehicle tracking device?

    Adding a GPS tracker to your vehicle can deter thieves. It helps you keep track of your car if it’s stolen. Some insurance companies might even lower your rates if you have one.

    What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

    If your car is stolen, notify the police immediately. Provide any details you can about the car, like its VIN or license plate. It is also crucial to inform your insurance company right away.

    How are industry, law enforcement, and the government working to combat the rise in auto thefts in Canada?

    The Canadian government is teaming up with car industry experts and law enforcement. They are figuring out new ways to fight the increase in car theft. They’re also focusing on educating the public and making rules around registering vehicles stricter.

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