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What Are the Best Car Rental Companies in Canada?

    Best Car Rental Canada

    Did you know the Canadian car rental market is valued at $4.2 billion? This high demand means many choices for travelers. You can find everything from budget cars to luxury vehicles and options that are good for the planet.

    As soon as you land in Canada, you might notice not a lot of transport options. Renting a car often becomes a must-do. It’s perfect for seeing Canada’s top spots, especially those ideal for Northern Lights pictures. While public transport works in cities, cars are unbeatable for exploring far-off beautiful places.

    With so many car rental companies, picking the right one can be tough. This guide will help you select the top car rental companies in Canada.

    Key Takeaways

    • The Canadian car rental industry is worth $4.2 billion, showing huge interest in this service.
    • Having your own car is often the best way to see Canada’s varied scenery, from isolated nature spots to lively cities.
    • This article outlines the leading car rental companies in Canada, covering their offerings, prices, and how customers rate them.
    • When picking a car rental firm, think about their choice of vehicles, pricing, availability, how they treat customers, and any loyalty programs they offer.
    • Some Canadian rental companies provide sustainable choices like electric and hybrid cars.


    Renting a car is a top choice for exploring Canada, offering freedom to visit various landscapes. It’s ideal for adventures in the wild or touring lively cities. This overview will look at the top car rental providers in Canada. We will discuss their services, pricing, and what customers say to guide your choice.

    The Need for Car Rentals in Canada

    Renting a car in Canada is common because of its huge size and sparse public transportation. It’s great for diving into the wilds or checking out city life. With a car, you’re free to go wherever interests you. There are several good reasons to rent a car in Canada. These include reaching remote spots, setting your own travel times, and moving large stuff that’s tricky to handle on transit.

    Overview of the Top Car Rental Companies

    Canada boasts a wide range of top car rental providers, each with unique services and prices. In the next part, we will explore some key car rental companies. You’ll learn about their vehicle choices, how to book, and perks like loyalty programs. This comparison will help you choose the best option for your trip.

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a top choice for car rentals in Canada. They have over 7,600 locations across the country. You can choose from a variety of services, including regular car rentals and car sharing options.

    Company Overview and Services

    Enterprise is popular for its easy-to-use website and app. They also have a loyalty program that gives you free rental days. This is great for people who often rent cars. Whether you need a small car for a few people or something bigger, Enterprise can help.

    Locations and Pricing

    With so many locations, finding an Enterprise is simple in Canada. Their prices for small cars usually start at $33 and go up to $96. This makes it a good choice for those looking to save money.

    Pros and Cons

    Booking with Enterprise is straightforward. Their loyalty program makes renting easier. Yet, sometimes the car you want may not be available. So, it’s always wise to confirm your car’s availability before heading to pick it up.

    Avis Car Rental

    Avis is a top choice for car rentals in Canada. They offer a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to big SUVs and minivans. Their website is easy to use, making booking simple. Plus, you can cancel for free on most bookings.

    Fleet and Options

    Avis Canada has a lot of vehicles to choose from. You can get a compact car for city trips or a big SUV for adventures. They have many different cars, so there’s something for everyone.

    Booking Process and Cancellation Policy

    Booking with Avis is easy. You can book online or use their app. They allow free cancellations for most bookings, giving you the freedom to change your plans.

    Loyalty Program and Deals

    For those who rent from Avis often, there’s the Avis Preferred program. It offers benefits like quicker check-ins and special deals. This can save you money and make your rental better in Canada.

    Some people say they’ve had to wait a bit longer at Avis. But, many still love their service and prices. Renting from Avis means you’ll find a good deal and have many vehicles to choose from. This makes your Canadian trip better, knowing your rental is sorted.

    Alamo Rent a Car

    Alamo Rent a Car is part of the same family as National and Enterprise, providing Alamo car rental services in Canada. It isn’t as widespread as some, but its service stands out. It’s known for quick service and flexibility when plans change. And they make sure their cars are clean and ready for you.

    Their prices start at $73 and go up to $161, which might seem high. Yet, they often have deals that can make renting more affordable. Alamo Rent a Car Canada is the go-to for quick, reliable help with your travels.

    Alamo car rental services

    Routes Car Rental

    Routes Car Rental is found in key spots around Canada, including major airports and downtown areas. They have ten locations across the country. They offer a varied fleet, from small cars to big Chryslers and SUVs.

    Locations and Fleet Diversity

    No matter where you are in Canada, Routes Car Rental has you covered. You can pick up a car at the airport or right in the city. Their many car types mean you’ll find one perfect for your trip.

    Affordable Rates and Special Requests

    Rent a car with Routes and you may pay as little as $43 for an economy vehicle. This is great for travelers watching their budgets. If you need something specific, they are known for helping out.

    Some visitors mention it can take a while to get a car, or that their favorite type might not always be available. However, for a good deal, various options, and accessible locations, Routes Car Rental is top-notch.


    Hertz is a top choice for car rentals worldwide, especially in Canada. They have everything from small cars to fancy sedans and unique rentals. Their Gold Plus Rewards® program is great because it lets you avoid lines, get your car quick, and offers special deals. Prices vary, starting at $42 and going up to $226. Even with the range in cost, many people trust Hertz for their high-quality service and wide variety of cars.

    Global Presence and Rewards Program

    Hertz has locations all over the world, including a strong presence in Canada. This makes it easy for people to rent a car and explore. Their rewards program, Hertz rewards program, makes renting even better by allowing members a fast check-in and special benefits. These benefits can help save time and money.

    Luxury and Specialty Rentals

    Looking for a fancy or unique car rental? Hertz has a great selection of luxury and special vehicles. You can find upscale sedans, SUVs, and special models. This is perfect for a work trip or a fun vacation, meeting your specific needs for getting around.

    Best Car Rental Canada

    When you’re picking a car rental in Canada, think about what matters most. You should look at the variety of cars, prices, how easy it is to book, and the service you’ll get. Loyalty programs are also worth checking out.

    Key Factors to Consider

    Looking at a rental company’s car choices, costs, and how reliable they are is smart. You should also think about the support you’ll get and any bonuses from their loyalty programs. This will help you find the best car rental companies in Canada for your trip and budget.

    Comparing Top Contenders

    Big names like Enterprise, Avis, and Hertz do well in Canada. They offer loads of locations, easy booking, and extras. These things are key in choosing the right car rental company in Canada.

    Make a list of what’s important to you. Then, compare the best car rental places in Canada. This will help you choose wisely for an awesome, affordable, and smooth rental on your trip.

    Tips for Renting a Car in Canada

    Renting a car is a great way to see Canada’s beautiful sites on your schedule. But, to make it easy and not too expensive, planning is key. You need to know a few things first.

    Planning Ahead and Budgeting

    It’s smart to book your car early, especially in busy times. Compare prices from different companies. Think about where you’ll pick up the car, the type you need, and what extras you want. Doing this early helps you set your budget for car rentals in Canada right and avoid surprises later.

    Understanding Insurance and Additional Costs

    Getting the right insurance and knowing all costs is critical when renting a car in Canada. Policies can differ, so check what’s really needed. Also, watch for extra charges for special rentals, extra drivers, or going over mileage. Good car rental insurance and cost knowledge in Canada keeps you on top of your expenses.

    By planning car rentals in Canada and setting your budget, you’ll have a smooth and wallet-friendly experience. This way, you can fully enjoy Canada’s stunning scenery and exciting places without worry.

    car rental tips

    Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options

    People are more aware of the environment these days. Many travelers want to lessen their impact on nature when visiting Canada’s beautiful places. Luckily, leading car rental services in Canada now offer alternatives to regular gas cars that are good for the planet.

    Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

    Does nature matter a lot to you? Then you’ll be happy to know that many car rental places in Canada have electric and hybrid cars. These cars, like the Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius, don’t release many greenhouse gases. So, you help the Earth when you choose electric and hybrid car rentals in Canada. Plus, you still get comfort and ease in your travel.

    Carbon Offset Programs

    Some Canadian rental services also offer carbon offset programs. These programs balance out the harmful emissions from your rented car. When you support verified carbon offset projects, like planting trees or using clean energy, you can reduce the effects of your sustainable car rentals in Canada. This way, you lower your travel’s impact on our planet.

    If you care about the Earth, there are great choices for car rentals in Canada. You can pick from electric, hybrid cars, and carbon offset options. This means you can explore Canada’s wonders without hurting the environment too much. Choosing these sustainable car rental options is a smart move for eco-friendly travelers. It makes your visit to Canada more Earth-friendly.

    Corporate and Business Rentals

    For work trips, a dependable car rental is key. In Canada, rental companies meet the special needs of business travelers. They offer services just for this group.

    Corporate Accounts and Discounts

    Big names like Enterprise, Avis, and Hertz in Canada have special deals for business rentals. They offer corporate accounts and discounts. These deals include benefits such as no fees for young drivers, fast booking, and easy-to-manage bills. This helps companies by making travel more efficient and saving money.

    Specialty Vehicle Rentals

    Sometimes, businesses need more than standard cars. Canadian car rentals might have vans, trucks, or luxury vehicles like sedans or SUVs. This way, companies can get the perfect vehicle for the job. They can transport big items, fit more people, or offer executives a high-end ride.

    Car rentals in Canada work well for corporate travelers. They offer special deals and a variety of vehicles. This makes travel easier and ensures the right transport for every business trip.

    Customer Reviews and Ratings

    When you pick a car rental company in Canada, looking at what customers say is key. Check out what reviewers think.

    Reviews are your window into the company’s service level and vehicle quality. They highlight what most people liked or didn’t like. This includes how easy it was to book, if the right cars were available, staff friendliness, and if it was a good deal. This info guides you to a rental that’s right for you.

    Interpreting Online Reviews

    There are tons of online reviews for Canada’s car rental companies. Customers talk about booking being either simple or hard. They mention if the cars were clean, the staff was helpful, and if they felt they got their money’s worth. These points help you see each company’s strengths and where they could do better.

    Common Praise and Complaints

    When people talk about car rentals in Canada, several things come up repeatedly. For good reviews, easy-to-use websites and apps, as well as loyalty programs, stand out. Having the right cars available and in good shape is also praised. But, some people face issues like not enough cars, long waits, and hidden fees.

    Common Praise Common Complaints
    • Ease of booking process
    • Well-maintained, clean vehicles
    • Responsive and helpful staff
    • Loyalty programs and exclusive deals
    • Competitive pricing and value for money
    • Limited vehicle availability
    • Long wait times for customer service
    • Unexpected additional charges or fees
    • Lack of communication about policies
    • Inconsistent quality of vehicles

    Take your time with reviews to really know each company’s good and not-so-good parts. This way, you can choose wisely. Picking the right one ensures your rental is just right for you and goes smoothly.


    Canada has many car rental companies that offer unique services. For example, Enterprise has branches all over the country. They make it easy to rent a car. Routes focuses on being eco-friendly. And with Hertz, you can enjoy luxury cars and their rewards program. This variety lets travelers pick just what they need or want.

    If you keep in mind things like cost, the types of cars available, how they treat customers, and being green, you’ll find the perfect match. This way, your Canadian trip will be even better.

    Knowing this, you can confidently rent a car and start your amazing journey through Canada. Whatever you’re looking for – easy pick-up, good prices, or something fancy – the best rental companies in Canada can meet your needs. They aim to please, making sure your trip is smooth and fun.

    As you get ready for your trip to Canada, think about what each rental company offers. This will help you pick the one that suits you best. With some quick research and this advice, renting a car will be easy. Your Canadian adventure will be amazing!


    What are the top car rental companies in Canada?

    The top car rental companies in Canada are Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Avis, Alamo Rent a Car, Routes Car Rental, and Hertz.

    What are the affordable car rental options in Canada?

    Affordable options in Canada are at Routes Car Rental with rates between and . Avis Canada also has rates from to for economy cars.

    Can I find luxury car rentals in Canada?

    Yes, Hertz has a variety of luxury sedans and specialty cars for different travel needs in Canada.

    Do car rental companies in Canada offer one-way rentals?

    Yes, companies like Alamo Rent a Car provide one-way rentals for sudden travel changes.

    Are there any car rental deals or discounts available in Canada?

    There are deals from companies like Avis and Hertz for loyal or early booking customers.

    Can I rent SUVs in Canada?

    Yes, companies like Routes Car Rental offer SUVs for various travel needs in Canada.

    Do car rental companies in Canada offer long-term rentals?

    Yes, many companies including Enterprise Rent-A-Car offer rentals for longer stays or business trips.

    How can I find the best car rental deals in Canada?

    Compare prices, car availability, customer service, and loyalty programs from different rental companies to find the best deals in Canada.

    Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable car rental options in Canada?

    Yes, some companies like Routes offer electric and hybrid cars to reduce the environmental impact of your trip.

    Do car rental companies in Canada cater to corporate and business travelers?

    Yes, they offer special corporate accounts, discounts, and a variety of specialty vehicles for business travelers’ needs.

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