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What Are the Best Off-Road Vehicles in Canada?

    Best Off-Road Vehicles Canada

    Off-road vehicle sales in Canada have jumped over 30% in five years. This rise is thanks to the country’s diverse rugged terrain. Whether you’re a big off-road fan or need a car for harsh winters, or you just crave the best performance, many people look for SUVs with four-wheel drive.

    Four-wheel drive or 4WD stands out from all-wheel drive (AWD). It’s made for off-road adventures, like deep snow or crossing water. 4WD vehicles often have advanced features. These include transfer cases and locking differentials, giving the driver better control in tough spots. They also have high ground clearance to go over unexpected hurdles and might offer skid plates for protection.

    Key Takeaways

    • Off-road vehicle sales in Canada have increased by over 30% in the past five years.
    • Four-wheel drive (4WD) is distinct from all-wheel drive (AWD) and is designed for off-road capability.
    • 4WD vehicles often have features like transfer cases and locking differentials for improved control in extreme conditions.
    • Ground clearance and skid plates are important for handling obstacles and protecting underbody components.
    • Canada’s diverse and rugged terrain offers endless opportunities for off-road enthusiasts.


    Canada is famous for its diverse and rugged terrain, perfect for off-road enthusiasts. Whether you’re exploring the Rocky Mountains in the West or the far North regions, there’s adventure waiting. Off-road performance vehicles let you reach remote spots, overcome tough trails, and master driving in extreme winter driving situations.

    The Allure of Off-Roading in Canada

    For serious off-roaders or those dealing with harsh winters, four-wheel drive is essential. SUVs with this feature can go anywhere. From exploring isolated areas to pushing the limits with your vehicle, Canadian enthusiasts love the challenge.

    4×4 vs AWD: Understanding the Difference

    It’s important to know the difference between 4WD vs AWD Canada for your off-road adventures. Four-wheel drive is best for rough terrain, offering more control with its special features. Whereas, all-wheel drive focuses on better performance on roads and in tough weather.

    Key Features for Off-Road Capability

    To tackle Canada’s challenging terrain, off-road vehicles need specific features. High ground clearance, tough suspension, and locking differentials are crucial. Don’t forget low-range gearing, which helps on steep slopes and in deep snow or mud.

    The Ford Bronco: Reviving an Iconic Off-Road Legend

    The Ford Bronco made a big return in 2021 and has been well-loved. It now includes the Everglades and Raptor models, both pushing its off-road abilities. Shoppers can pick between two Ford Bronco 4×4 systems for the Bronco.

    Two-Door and Four-Door Options

    You can buy it as a two-door or four-door, each with cool Ford Bronco off-road styling. Prices start at $51,460 for the two-door and $53,410 for the four-door in 2024.

    Advanced 4×4 Systems and Locking Differentials

    Its base system lets drivers switch the transfer case’s two-speed setting easily. A step up is the electromechanical system, which can change from 2H to 4H on its own. You can also opt for electronic locking differentials.

    Rugged Styling and Off-Road-Focused Trims

    In places like Canada, the new Ford Bronco is winning over fans. It mixes tough looks with top-notch off-road skills. This makes it ready to face tough terrains all over the country.

    Jeep Wrangler: The Quintessential Off-Road SUV

    The Jeep Wrangler stands out as the top 4×4 off-roader. For the model year 2024, it offers three 4WD options. The Command-Trac system lets you switch from 2WD to 4WD on the go. This can be done as fast as 72km/h. There’s also the Rock-Trac, which has special gears and lockable differentials for tough terrain. Then, the Selec-Trac is a full-time system that chooses which mode to use, found on the Rubicon 392.

    Command-Trac, Rock-Trac, and Selec-Trac 4WD Systems

    The Jeep Wrangler lineup includes 16 versions, starting at $46,465 for the Wrangler Sport. The Rubicon stands as the top choice for extreme off-road adventures. It includes specialty 4WD features that truly let it conquer the wild.

    Rubicon Trim: The Ultimate Off-Road Warrior

    Canadian lovers of off-roading are drawn to the Jeep Wrangler for good reason. It blends exceptional off-road ability with its classic design. Along with a variety of 4WD setups, the signature Rubicon trim positions the Wrangler as the benchmark for real 4×4 experiences.

    Jeep Wrangler off-road

    Best Off-Road Vehicles Canada: Toyota’s Capable Lineup

    Toyota is a top pick for off-road vehicles in Canada. They offer many models perfect for Canadian adventures. The Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Sequoia stand out with their strong off-road features.

    Toyota 4Runner: A Midsize Off-Road Powerhouse

    The Toyota 4Runner is a powerhouse in a midsize SUV design. Though it hasn’t changed much, it has all the features you need. It has a full-time four-wheel-drive with a locking rear diff and a transfer case for low range. Starting at $56,550, it seats 7 and is perfect for those loving Canadian off-road adventures.

    Toyota Sequoia: Full-Size Capability with Hybrid Power

    The 2024 Toyota Sequoia is a big choice for powerful off-roading. It was redesigned in 2023, sharing parts with the Tundra. It comes standard with part-time 4WD and Toyota’s hybrid i-Force Max engine for better gas mileage. The Canadian base model, TRD Off-Road, includes a rear diff lock and a system to improve traction.

    Land Rover Defender: Off-Road Royalty Reborn

    In 2020, the Land Rover Defender made a big comeback. Now, for 2024, you can choose from three models. There’s the Defender 90, a two-door. Next is the Defender 110, with four doors. Finally, the Defender 130 has room for the whole family. This off-road king from Jaguar Land Rover comes prepared. It boasts a two-speed transfer case and always-on all-wheel drive.

    Terrain Response 2 System

    The Terrain Response 2 system adapts the vehicle to any surface. There’s a big choice of add-ons and extra parts in Canada. Models for 2024 start with the Defender 90 at $77,300, the Defender 110 from $78,900, and the Defender 130 at $96,900.

    Defender 90, 110, and 130 Configurations

    Ever since the Land Rover Defender came back, it’s been a hit for off-road fans in Canada. You can pick from the Defender line’s different setups. This includes the Defender 90, for exciting trips. There’s also the Defender 110, great for daily use. And the Defender 130 makes family adventures easy. No matter the journey, the Land Rover Defender models promise top-notch off-road performance and unmatched style.

    GMC Yukon: Luxury and Off-Road Prowess Combined

    The GMC Yukon shines as a standout among GM’s full-size SUVs with a third row. It was updated alongside the Chevrolet Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade for 2021. It comes with a unique Active Response 4WD system.

    Active Response 4WD System

    The Active Response 4WD system in the GMC Yukon boasts an automatic two-speed transfer case and an electronic limited-slip differential. It cleverly manages torque distribution from left to right and locks to prevent wheel slip.

    AT4 and Denali Trims for Off-Road Enthusiasts

    The AT4 and Denali trims are perfect for those who love off-roading. They can come with the Active Response 4WD system as an option. The AT4 with this feature is priced at $93,829, while the Denali starts at $102,675 (note this is 2023 pricing; 2024 pricing is not yet available).

    GMC Yukon off-road

    Mercedes-Benz G-Class: The Ultimate Luxury Off-Roader

    The Mercedes-Benz G-Class stands out, even with its high price. It’s both functional and a status symbol. Equipped with a four-wheel drive, locking differentials, and high ground clearance, it’s ready for any terrain.

    Permanent 4WD and Three Locking Differentials

    This luxury SUV has a permanent 4WD for top-notch traction. It also boasts three locking differentials. These can be used to master challenging off-road paths with ease.

    G 63 AMG: Uncompromising Performance

    The G 63 AMG model boosts the G-Class’s power with a 577 horsepower engine. This jump in performance, alongside its off-road heritage, makes it a dream for luxury off-road seekers.

    Hummer Revival: Electric Off-Road Icons

    The Humvee, or Hummer H1, is a four-wheel-drive vehicle. It started in the 1980s as a military ride. Later, from 1992 to 2006, you could get a civilian model. The Hummer H1 amazed with its off-road skills. It could cross 30 inches of water and climb a 22-inch step. The H1 had a huge ground clearance, could drive at a 72-degree angle, and had special axles.

    In 2009, the first Hummer brand went away. But now it’s back with the GMC Hummer EV line. These new off-road machines are fixing their eyes on tomorrow. They’re not only electric but also equipped for extreme 4×4 adventures.

    GMC Hummer EV: Redefining Off-Road Capability

    The GMC Hummer EV is a groundbreaking electric off-road master. It boasts serious power and can handle any terrain. It features an advanced 4×4 setup. Plus, it has cool extras like Crab Walk and Extract Mode. This makes it a top choice for extreme off-road driving.

    Hummer EV SUV: Bringing Electric Power to the Trails

    The Hummer EV SUV is for anyone who loves the outdoors. It’s got space for five and a lot of cargo. This SUV takes the GMC Hummer EV off-road experience further. Now, families and friends can enjoy the thrill of electric off-roading together.

    Off-Road Classics: Paying Homage to the Legends

    Off-road vehicles have a rich history. Two stand out: the Hummer H1 and the International Scout. Enthusiasts have loved these icons for years. They show what’s great about off-road adventures.

    Hummer H1: The Original Civilian Humvee

    The Hummer H1 came from the military’s Humvee. It was made for civilians in 1992. The Hummer H1 was tough. It could cross 30 inches of water and climb high steps.

    With 16 inches of space from the ground, this vehicle could go over rough terrain. It was truly an off-road master. The Hummer H1 marked the start of the civilian Humvee story until 2006.

    International Scout: A Retro Off-Road Gem

    The International Scout is another off-road favorite. It was made from 1961 to 1980. This two-door SUV could come with a detachable top. It was made to take on Jeep’s CJ model.

    People loved its tough build and its abilities on rough roads. The Scout has found new fans today. Its spirit and strong features still attract adventurers. This shows its lasting impact in the off-road world.


    What are the key features to look for in an off-road capable vehicle?

    Off-road vehicles need high ground clearance and strong suspension. They should also have locking differentials and low-range gearing. These help them handle steep areas, rocks, deep snow, and mud easily.

    What is the difference between 4WD and AWD systems?

    4WD is made for tough off-road situations. It can go through very rough terrain. AWD, on the other hand, is better for regular roads, providing good traction in various conditions. 4WD has a transfer case and locks differentials for better control.

    Why are the Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, and Toyota 4Runner popular choices for off-road enthusiasts in Canada?

    These favorites in Canada are chosen because of their strong 4×4 systems and locking differentials. They stand out in harsh terrains and during the very cold winter months. Their tough designs and reputation for handling rough conditions also make them top picks.

    What off-road-focused trims and features are available on the GMC Yukon and Land Rover Defender?

    The GMC Yukon offers an active response 4WD system with an eLSD. Meanwhile, the Land Rover Defender boasts a Terrain Response 2 system. This system adjusts the vehicle for the best performance on different surfaces.

    How do the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Hummer EV models redefine off-road capability?

    The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has a powerful 4WD system with three locking differentials. It shows outstanding performance off-road. The Hummer EV and Hummer EV SUV models introduce performance electric power and advanced 4×4 systems. They’re changing what’s possible in off-roading.

    What are some iconic off-road vehicles from the past that have influenced today’s offerings?

    The Hummer H1 and International Scout were very capable off-road vehicles. They’ve had a big impact on today’s off-roader SUVs and trucks. Their design and performance have played a role in shaping the vehicles we have now.

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