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What Are the Top Trends in the Canadian Car Market for 2024?

    Canadian Car Market Trends 2024

    In 2023, SUVs and pickups made up over 86% of new car sales in Canada. This trend is continuing strong into 2024. As an expert in Canadian autos, I will explore the top trends for this year.

    These include the growing popularity of SUVs, the increasing sales of electric vehicles, and the latest in car tech. Also, we will look at how the industry is focusing on being more eco-friendly and fighting car theft.

    Key Takeaways

    • SUVs and pickups are dominating the Canadian car market, accounting for over 86% of new vehicle sales in 2023.
    • Electric vehicle sales are expected to reach record heights in 2024 as more EV models become available.
    • Advancements in AI integration, such as enhanced voice assistants and improved user experience, are transforming the in-car experience.
    • The Canadian government is taking action to address the surge in auto theft, collaborating with stakeholders to combat this issue.
    • Vehicle availability is improving, with new and used car selection on the rise as the industry recovers from pandemic-induced shortages.

    SUVs and Pickups Continue to Dominate

    The Canadian car market is changing a lot. SUVs and pickup trucks are more popular than ever. They made up a huge 86% of new car sales last year, breaking a record.

    Rising Demand for SUVs and Pickups

    In 2024, the love for SUVs and trucks is still growing. People like them because they’re versatile and seen as safe. Also, there are more models that use less fuel and are high-tech. Automakers are focusing more on making new SUVs and trucks.

    Dwindling Choices for Sedans and Hatchbacks

    This popularity is affecting other types of cars, like sedans and hatchbacks. Companies are starting to offer fewer minivans and convertibles. If you like these types of cars, you might want to buy one soon. Choices are getting fewer.

    Combating the Surge in Auto Theft

    Auto theft is on the rise in Canada, grabbing headlines. The federal government has called for a “national summit” to tackle auto theft. This meeting will join provincial leaders, car makers, and others. Together, they aim to find new strategies to stop vehicle theft.

    Government Initiatives to Address Auto Theft

    Data shows a big increase in vehicle theft in Canada in 2022. Quebec saw a 50% spike, and Ontario’s rate grew by 48.3%. Atlantic Canada had a 34.5% increase, and Alberta reported 18.35% more cases from the year before. These numbers have pushed the government to act quickly.

    Collaboration with Stakeholders

    The up-and-coming national summit on auto theft will be a key place for talks. Government officials, law agencies, and industry folks will gather. They’ll work on solutions together. This approach aims to tackle the issue of vehicle theft head-on, across the nation.

    Improved Vehicle Availability

    In 2024, there will be more new and used cars on lots. This is good news for those who struggled to find a car a few years back. Back then, many found there was no stock due to the global pandemic.

    At the end of 2023, more vehicles were becoming available. This trend is set to continue next year. By December 2023, the number of used cars in Canada for sale was almost at pre-pandemic levels.

    Greater Selection of New and Used Cars

    With more new and used cars on the market, consumers will have lots more choices. It marks a big change from the lack of variety during the pandemic’s peak. Back then, the industry faced many challenges that limited variety.

    Recovering from Pandemic-Induced Shortages

    The auto industry is slowly recovering from the pandemic. This means there will be more vehicles for sale. It’s a relief for buyers who’ve waited to find their perfect match.

    vehicle availability

    Anticipated Price Drops

    The Canadian car market is starting to improve after a tough time with supply issues. Luckily, this means prices of cars should go down from their recent high levels. Used car prices will drop for the first time in over 3.5 years, says AutoTrader Canada. This change benefits new car buyers too, with expected lower prices in 2024.

    Lower Used Car Prices

    There are more used cars available now. AutoTrader Canada thinks this means prices for pre-owned vehicles will fall. For Canadians looking for a used car, 2024 could be a good time to find deals.

    Softening New Car Prices

    Not only are used car prices dropping, but new cars might be cheaper too. Cox Automotive says new vehicles will come with more discounts in 2024. As the issues with supplies decrease, this trend is likely to continue.

    Impact of High Interest Rates

    Despite the promise of lower car prices, high interest rates may spoil the fun. Financing a car might cost more. This reminds buyers to look not only at the price tag but also at the overall cost of owning a car.

    Canadian Car Market Trends 2024: Electric Vehicles on the Rise

    In 2024, the Canadian car market is expecting a boom in electric vehicle (EV) sales. New data from S&P Global Mobility shows that 1 in 8 new vehicles sold in Canada was electric or plug-in hybrid. With more EV models coming, this trend is only going to grow.

    Record-Breaking EV Sales Expected

    AutoTrader Canada did a recent survey. They found that 56% of people looking to buy a car would consider an electric one. This, combined with the increasing number of EVs available, suggests that 2024 could see huge sales of electric cars.

    Increasing Availability of EV Models

    In 2024, the Canadian car market will see a big shift towards electric. More than 40 new EV models are hitting the market. This will give consumers a wider range of EVs to choose from. It’s expected to push up electric vehicle sales and use all across the nation.

    AI Integration in Vehicles

    The world of cars is changing fast, with AI becoming a major focus for 2024 and beyond. People want their cars to be smarter and more tailored to them. Automakers are adding high-tech AI to their new models to meet these needs.

    Enhanced Voice Assistants

    New AI in cars means better voice assistants that really work for you. Volkswagen is planning to add ChatGPT AI to their cars by mid-2024. The goal is to make a voice system that actually helps you, unlike the usual frustration many face with in-car systems.

    Improved User Experience

    Volkswagen is not alone in this AI push. Companies like Mercedes-Benz and BMW are also getting in on the game. Their new cars will feature AI that makes driving better. This includes voice commands, helpful suggestions, and interfaces that get what you like and need.

    The use of autonomous technology, in-car AI, and voice assistants is growing in Canada. This trend will change how people enjoy their cars there. AI will make driving smoother, smarter, and more tailored for the tech-loving crowd in the future.

    Brand Performance and Market Shifts

    In the first quarter of 2024, the Canadian automotive space welcomed a comeback of Japanese car makers. They showed their might by winning over more customers and a bigger share of the market. Subaru took the top spot with an 86% increase in sales. Close behind were Honda, Nissan, and Toyota with significant upswings of 70%, 49%, and 36% in sales, respectively. This is a tough challenge for homegrown brands who are finding it hard to match these numbers.

    Resurgence of Japanese Automakers

    Brands such as Subaru, Honda, Nissan, and Toyota highlighted their success by adapting to what Canadians want. With a sharp focus on their brand’s appeal and new products, they have excelled. In the battle of Japanese versus others, they’re clearly leading. This shows their dedication to meeting customer needs.

    Top-Selling Brands in Canada

    Even though the Japanese brands are doing well, the scene remains active for other top sellers in Canada. Canadians are increasingly drawn to SUVs and trucks, which has changed the playing field. Some Canadian brands are finding it tough to keep their share. For all automakers, these shifts present a mix of challenges and chances. It’s all about keeping up with the dynamic tastes of the Canadian car market.

    Best-Selling SUVs and Crossovers

    As Canadians look for cars, SUVs and crossovers are always popular choices. These vehicles are great for families and have a big part of the market. Small and medium-sized models are especially loved by buyers.

    Compact and Subcompact SUV Dominance

    Small and medium SUVs are a big part of Canada’s car scene. These best-selling SUVs mix usefulness, good gas mileage, and cool looks. They appeal to many, from families to city folks, and they just keep getting more popular.

    Toyota RAV4 Leads the Pack

    In the SUV world, the Toyota RAV4 is a top choice. It’s the best-seller in its class in Canada. At the beginning of 2023, it sold almost 4,000 more units, a 23% jump over last year. The RAV4’s hybrid version also broke sales records early in 2024, showing it’s leading the way.

    Top-Selling Utility Vehicles in Canada (2023) Units Sold
    Toyota RAV4 Over 20,000
    Honda CR-V Over 20,000
    Ford Escape Over 20,000
    Subaru Forester Over 20,000
    Jeep Wrangler Over 20,000
    Ford Explorer Over 20,000
    Chevrolet Equinox Over 20,000
    Hyundai Tucson Over 20,000

    The numbers prove the Toyota RAV4 is a standout in Canada’s best-selling SUV list.

    Pickup Truck Segment Insights

    In Canada, the pickup truck market is very strong. It makes up one in five new vehicle sales, as of the first quarter in 2024. Although the overall pickup truck sales decreased a bit from last year, there were differences. These were mainly seen in the bigger and smaller truck categories.

    Full-Size and Mid-Size Truck Sales

    The Toyota Tundra really shined with a 50% increase in sales over last year. This was quite different from the general trend. Looking at mid-size trucks, it’s a different story. Both the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon saw a 34% decrease. The Toyota Tacoma also dropped by 48%. This was likely because of major changes in the Tacoma’s model design.

    Generational Changes and Model Transitions

    The large sales drop for the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Toyota Tacoma shows the effect of truck model updates on buyers. When companies bring new versions of their full-size and mid-size trucks to the market, it affects current sales. People tend to wait for the newest models and their upgraded features before buying.

    Continued Electrification and Sustainability Focus

    In 2024, over 40 new electric vehicle models will come to Canada. They are part of a big push to have all cars in Canada be emission-free by 2035. This push is thanks to a new plan from the Canadian government.

    Government Mandates and Emissions Goals

    The government is working hard to make cars cleaner. They are doing this by offering tax breaks, making it easier to charge electric vehicles, and having stricter rules for how much pollution cars can make. These changes are meant to make more Canadians want to buy electric vehicles.

    Consumer Adoption of Electric Vehicles

    Thanks to the government’s actions and more electric vehicle options, many people think 2024 will be a big year for electric cars. Experts believe that more electric vehicles will be sold than ever before. This will make electric vehicles a popular choice for getting around in Canada.

    electric vehicle


    In 2024, the Canadian car market will see big changes. SUVs, pickups, and electric cars will be very popular. Cars with AI technology will become more common too. There will also be a focus on being more eco-friendly and preventing car theft. Even with some cars getting cheaper, the market is strong. Japanese car brands and the Toyota RAV4 will keep doing well.

    Soon, Canada’s car buyers will have more choices. This is thanks to the industry recovering from the pandemic’s effects. The government is also working to stop auto theft and make the car market greener.

    By 2024, Canada’s car market will be full of new chances and changes. SUVs and pickups will keep getting more popular. More people will switch to electric cars. Cars with AI will be everywhere. Making the market more eco-friendly and safe from theft is also a big goal.


    What are the top trends in the Canadian car market for 2024?

    The Canadian car market is seeing the rise of SUVs and pickups. There’s also a big jump in electric vehicle sales. Car companies are working on adding advanced AI in their cars. Sustainability is key for the future, along with fighting against auto theft surge.

    How are SUVs and pickups dominating the Canadian car market?

    In 2023, almost 86% of new vehicles bought in Canada were SUVs and pickups. This set a new high. The trend continues in 2024 with fewer non-truck and SUV models from car companies.

    What is being done to address the rise in auto theft across Canada?

    The federal government is organizing a “national summit” to tackle auto theft. They aim to bring together leaders from different provinces, car makers, and more. Vehicle theft went up in 2022 compared to the year before.

    What can car shoppers expect in terms of vehicle availability in 2024?

    Shoppers can look forward to more new and used cars available. This is thanks to an increase in available vehicles after the pandemic’s supply shortages.

    Will car prices come down in 2024?

    Prices for both new and used cars are expected to drop from their recent highs. This should mean better deals for buyers. But, buying a car will still be more expensive due to high interest rates.

    What is the outlook for electric vehicle sales in Canada?

    Electric cars are expected to be very popular in 2024. Sales of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles could make up 1 in 8 new car sales. There will also be 40 more EV models available in Canada.

    How is AI being integrated into vehicles?

    Volkswagen, Mercedes, and BMW are planning to add AI, like ChatGPT, to their cars. This could mean better voice commands and user experiences for drivers.

    Which brands are performing well in the Canadian car market?

    During the first quarter of 2024, Japanese brands did really well. Subaru, Honda, Nissan, and Toyota saw big increases in sales.

    What are the best-selling SUVs and crossovers in Canada?

    The Toyota RAV4 is a top seller, especially among SUVs. In early 2024, it set records for hybrid sales. It’s still a favorite among Canadian buyers.

    How is the pickup truck segment performing?

    Pickup trucks are doing well, even with a slight drop from last year. They made up 1 in 5 new car sales in Canada in early 2024. The Toyota Tundra, however, saw a big 50% sales increase.

    What is the focus on sustainability in the Canadian car market?

    There’s a big push for more electric cars in 2024. Canada plans to have over 40 new EV models available. The government aims for all cars sold in Canada to be emission-free by 2035.

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